Features On The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus That Aren’t On The Apple AirPods.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and the Apple Airpods are the latest tech that has saved us from those annoying entangled earphone wires and has also come to replace the headphone jack. The part about saving us from the entangled wires and spoilt earphone jacks is really helpful, however, the replacement of the headphone jack has raised up mixed reactions.
Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods


Apple’s standard Airpods come at a higher price tag compared to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. This doesn’t come as a surprise as it’s been apple’s mission to milk your bank account dry ever since it started. The standard Airpods will cost you around $159 while the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is actually $9 cheaper.
This price difference may confuse a lot of people and also the two gadgets have really cool designs but I think Apple won when it comes to the design of the Airpods. They look cool. However, there are some features on the Galaxy Buds Plus that are not available on the Apple Airpods. Here’s a few of them;

Features on the Galaxy Buds Plus that lack on the Airpods.

  1. Samsung’s earbuds are actually better at blocking out noise than the standard Apple Airpods. This is because the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus form a tighter seal in your ear. 
  2. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus has a shortcut for launching Spotify. The Apple Airpods have the basic shortcuts for skipping songs. With the Galaxy Buds, you can create a shortcut such that a long press immediately launches Spotify. This is really useful.
  3. You get an equalizer with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. This comes with the Samsung companion app for the earbuds. With the equalizer, you can boost the bass among other options.
  4. The most important feature on the Galaxy Buds Plus might be the fact that they come with multiple ear tips. So you don’t have to struggle with tiny tips or too big tips that don’t fit in your ears. No one likes it when your earbuds keep falling off.
  5. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus can offer up to 11 hours of battery life. 
  6. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus supports Bluetooth 5.0 while the AirPods still use the outdated Bluetooth 4.2.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus offers much more than the Apple Airpods offer and at a cheaper price too. However, if you’re using an iPhone user, it would be advisable for you to go for the AirPods, and if you’re a Samsung user, the Galaxy Buds Plus would be the best choice.
In case you’re wondering, the two earbuds also offer wireless charging and multi-pairing. Despite the differences in price and features, I think a person’s taste and preference is the most important factor here. If you’re more into Aipods just go for them. If you buy something you don’t really like just because everyone is praising it, you might end up disappointed and you most definitely won’t take care of them. 
Let us know what’s your opinion or experience with the two devices and which one you would recommend. Sharing is caring, so please share. 

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