Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy M30 In 2020?

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The Samsung Galaxy M30 was released back in February 2019. That makes more than a year old which some smartphone users might find it as a deal-breaker but I think the phone is pretty great. But let’s not judge I just yet. 

Considering we’ve also some really good smartphones like the Galaxy A51, Galaxy M20, and the Galaxy M30S, you might still wonder why should I go for the Galaxy M30 considering it’s over a year old. As of June 2020, the Samsung Galaxy M30 goes for around $230 which is a pretty good price considering the specifications offers. However, there are some reviews from the galaxy M30 users that I have to accept that are not that good.
In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the Galaxy M30 specifications and decide if the Galaxy M30 still got the vibe in 2020.


Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy M30 in 2020?
Samsung Galaxy M30
The Samsung Galaxy M30 sports a huge 6.4 inches Super AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 1080 x 2340. With this size of display and screen resolution, it leaves the display with a total pixel density of 403 pixels per inch. The phone also has an 84.3 % screen to body ratio.
In 2020, a 6.4 inches is pretty much enough for anyone and anything. A 6.4 inches display is perfect for movies, gaming, and other fun or business activities. The fact that the display is a Super AMOLED display makes things even better. This means the blacks are really deep and due to the high screen resolution, you get a very detailed display with amazing colors. The Samsung Galaxy M30 also features the water drop display design for the selfie camera so you a get a lot of screen. 
The GlaxyM30 is not weak when it comes to display. On full brightness, the Galaxy M30 display is still very clear even under direct sunlight. The viewing angles are also pretty good which provides a very nice experience when watching videos or playing games.
For me, the Galaxy M30’s display is perfect even in 2020.

Hardware & Software


Samsung Galaxy M30 android version

The Galaxy M30 runs on Android 8.1 out of the box paired with the One UI launcher. The good thing is that the Android version is Upgradable to Android 10. This is great although you will need an internet connection to do this, but I think it’s a worthy sacrifice. 
So with the Galaxy M30, the software is pretty updated so no dealing with the old Android 8. 


Exynos chipset
Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy M30 doesn’t utilize the Snapdragon chipset. The Samsung Galaxy M30 runs on the Exynos 7904 chipset and an Octa-core CPU. For the GPU, the Galaxy M30 utilizes the Mali-G71 MP2 which from the experience with the display, it’s pretty good.
The hardware handles gaming very well without noticeable lags but for some user’s the devices had a little heating issue after gaming. I’d say this is normal after heavy gaming sessions and the’res nothing to worry about. Just give it some time to cool down. 
However, some users have complained about their Samsung Galaxy M30 smartphones hanging and becoming really slow after a few months of usage. The reason for this I don’t know but since the complaint has been from multiple users, it might be a problem with the device. However, maybe an update to the latest Android 10 version may just fix this problem for anyone. 


The Samsung Galaxy M30 comes in 3 combinations when it comes to memory. There’s a 32 GB + 3 GB RAM, 64 GB + 4 GB RAM and a 128 GB + 6 GB RAM version. There’s also a dedicated microSDXC slot in case you want to expand your storage. 
When it comes to memory, the Galaxy M30 still offers more than you will get in some of the smartphones released in 2020. The 128 GB + 6 GB RAM combination is pretty great and you won’t even need a memory card with such storage.


Rear Camera

The Galaxy M30 sports a triple camera setup at the rear. The setup houses a 13 MP main camera + 5 MP ultra-wide shooter + 5 MP depth sensor. There’s also an LED flash in the combination for lighting up low light areas and those night photos. 
A 13 MP is honesty a bit small compared to today’s standards. A 20 MP + camera would be better. However, the camera performs really well in broad daylight and the images have a significant amount f detail to them thanks to the Super AMOLED display.


The selfie camera on the Samsung Galaxy M30 has a higher resolution as it is a 16 MP camera. The camera performs really great in broad daylight. The saturation is spot-on and the images are very detailed. However, the lack of a front LED flash means you might not be taking those night selfies in low light areas. 


Samsung galaxy M30 battery
The Samsung Galaxy M30 has the best battery life on a smartphone. The phone is powered by a huge 5000 mAh battery with 15W fast charging capability. A 5000 mAh is something that you won’t even find in some smartphones at this price range in 2020. This just makes the Galaxy M30 stand out even if it’s more than a year old. 

Pros & Cons


  • Best battery life
  • Huge Super AMOLED display
  • Really good viewing angles 
  • Enough memory


  • Android version need upgrade
  • Users complained of lag and hanging after a few months
  • Some user’s complained it won’t connect to the internet even with wifi connected

Conclusion(Should you buy it 2020?)

The Samsung Galaxy M30 might be over a year old but it still has got most of the features we love in smartphones released in 2020. The phone has a good display, enough memory, and fairly performing cameras. However, the complaint from users about the device slowing down after a few months of usage is worrisome.
Overall I think anyone looking to buy the Galaxy M30 should just pass and go for a more recent smartphone without the hanging and lagging problem. I think we all hate it when a phone hangs when you most need it. 
Devices like the Redmi K20 Pro, Vivo V15, Samsung Galaxy A70, and the Galaxy A31 are much better smartphones to go for in 2020.
Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A31
Galaxy A70                     Galaxy A31
Let us know what you think? Would you advise anyone to go for the Samsung Galaxy M30 in 2020?

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