Are Itel Smartphones Reliable? (Itel Vision 1 & Itel Vision 1 Plus)

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It is an entry-level smartphone which like Infinix is owned by Tecno. Itel provides very cheap smartphones across Africa and parts of Asia. Itel claims its focus is on delivering cost-effective and high-specification mobile devices. Itel smartphones are really cheap and that might raise questions on Itel devices quality and performance. 

As I first started by stating, Itel is just an entry-level smartphone so you shouldn’t expect mind-blowing performance or features on them. Itel phones are packed with basic features just to get you through your daily activities.


Itel Vision 1

Itel Vision 1

Itel just uses basic designs for its smartphones. You won’t find any fancy metallic edges of glass back covers. Except for the Itel Vision 1 and the Vision 1 Plus which sports a rear camera bump similar to that on the iPhone 11. The Itel Vision 1 is also one of the few Itel phones which sports a 6.09 inches display with a waterdrop design for the front camera. 
Overall, the design is not very pleasant. The body is made of plastic especially the back cover. This makes the phone prone to scratches, so don’t even think about putting it in the same pocket with your keys. But I think Itel do this on purpose as their aim is to provide smartphones at a very cheap price yet packed with some decent features so the cheap plastic body and the basic design is obvious.

Hardware & Software


When it comes to hardware and software, Itel smartphones are not lagging behind when it comes to equipping their smartphones with the latest android versions. For example, the Itel Vision 1 runs on Android 9 out of the box which is not bad although Android 10 would be much better.

Are Itel smartphones reliable?
Itel A25
A look at another device like the Itel A25 shows the same results. Itel has equipped the Itel A25 with the Android 9.0 (Go Edition). The same goes for the Itel A46. The latest Android version is essential when it comes to the best smartphone experience and although Itel is yet into the Android 10 league, they are still doing their best to give their smartphones a recent Android version. I just hope devices like Itel Vision 1, Itel Vision 1 Plus, and the Itel A46 will get OTA (Over The Air) updates.


Itel smartphones most definitely don’t utilize the most powerful chipsets out here. For example, the Itel Vision 1 utilizes a Unisoc SC9863A chipset which is paired with a 1.6 GHz Octa-core processor. This is the most powerful combination when it comes to modern smartphones. 
However, such a combination can handle everyday light phone usage very well. But when it comes to gaming and multitasking, such a combination is prone to disappoint you. It can’t handle heavy games really well and you will most likely notice some lags here and there. 


Nowadays most smartphones come equipped with at least 64 GB of internal storage. However, I consider 32 GB of internal storage as the least amount of internal storage you should go for in a smartphone. For Itel devices, most of them come equipped with 16 GB of internal storage which is not pretty since you have to add a memory card into your budget. However, Itel latest smartphones are shipping with 32 GB of internal storage, like the Itel Vision 1. The same case goes for the  Itel Vision 1 Plus which you would expect to have at least 64 Gb of internal storage as it is more superior to the Itel Vision 1. 

Itel Vision 1 Plus
Itel Vision 1 Plus
Over to the RAM section, Itel disappoints once again as you won’t get that much. The Itel Vision 1 Plus ships with only 3 GB of RAM which is not really enough. According to today’s standards, a smartphone should have at least 4 GB of RAM. But this doesn’t mean that 3 GB of RAM won’t run your device smoothly. there are a lot of factors that determine that, including the Android version. So when it comes to RAM, I don’t think Itel phones really give enough.
The reason why I say this is because devices like the Itel A36, Itel S15, Itel P33 Plus, Itel P33 and even the Itel A56 ship with only 1 GB of RAM. 1 GB of RAM on a smartphone today is not something anyone is fond off and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go for a 1 GB RAM smartphone unless you were completely out of choices. 
Itel S15


When it comes to camera, Itel phones are pretty crappy. Most of them come with  8 MP rear cameras which don’t really perform well even in broad daylight. So if you’re looking to buy an Itel smartphone expecting a decent camera, you’re in for a disappointment. The Itel Vision 1 Plus comes with a 13 MP rear camera so that might a perform a bit better as it also has a 2 MP depth sensor. 


When it comes to battery, this might be the only part where Itel smartphones really perform. But I don’t mean all the Itel smartphones. The two latest devices from Itel in 2020, the Itel Vision 1 and the Vision 1 Plus are powered by huge batteries which a huge upgrade. The Itel vision 1 is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery when the superior Itel Vision 1 Plus is equipped with a 5000 mAh battery. With this size of battery, you can be assured fo a decent battery life. 

Conclusion(Are They Reliable?)

Itel smartphones are indeed very cheap smartphones, they go for as low as $60, and for devices like the Itel Vision 1, you get it just for $100. This might be a wallet-friendly price but it can only work if you’re buying something that will last. To summarize it, here’s what you can expect;
  • Design – Made of plastic which is prone to scratches and easy breakage so it’s not reliable.
  • Hardware – Less powerful chipsets and GPU means they can only handle light usage without lag or hanging. This depends on the purpose which your smartphone is for.
  • Software – Some run on Android 9.0 so they are reliable.
  • Memory – The phones might come with enough internal storage for just a few apps and pictures but the memory is not enough. (Not Reliable)
  • Camera – The camera is just fairly good but not good enough for Instagram. (Not Reliable)
  • Battery – Very reliable. A 4000 mAh battery will give you a decent battery life.
Let us know what you think about Itel phones and what is your experience with them in the comment box below. Are they reliable or are they not?

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