Worried About Getting Hacked? The Gionee M6 Is The Smartphone For You.

Most secure smartphone
The Gionee M6 is an old smartphone. The phone was release back in 2016 and it was way ahead of it’s time.The phone also boasts to be the most secure phone due to the new hardware encryption chip which i will explain later in this review.
The Chinese firm Gionee made mobile security the highest priority in the belief that the smartphone is where most of our life is stored.This is absolutely true considering all the pictures with our families and banking apps we install on our phones.The Gionee M6 is priced at around N50,000 – N90,000 in Nigeria and in Kenya it goes for around Ksh 42,000 – Ksh 52,000.
most secure smartphone
The Gionee M6 runs sports a 5.5 inch AMOLED display with a 1080 x 1920 resolution. I know this screen size may be seem too small compared to today standards. However, the display is really bright and very sharp. The AMOLED display makes sure that the blacks are perfect, in other words, they are pitch black which is actually really beautiful if you use a 4K AMOLED wallpaper.The viewing angles are also great and it’s easily visible in the sun.
However when it comes to gaming, the display feels a little too small. Maybe because i’m used to bigger phones which i’m sure most people are also used to. If you’re watching a movie, you might also find the images a little squeezed.
2.Hardware & Memory
The device runs on Android 6.0 out of the box. It runs on a Mediatek Helio P10 chipset and an Octa-core 4×1.8 GHZ Cortex-A53 CPU. To be honest, this is not the most powerful processor CPU if you compare it to the one’s on today’s devices. The phone however runs really smoothly even when multitasking.
Even under heavy usage, apps launch instantly without lag.The 4 GB of RAM on the device proves to be more than enough. As for storage,the phone comes in two variations; 64 GB and 128 GB. If you’re a light smartphone user, i believe the 64 GB model is enough to store your apps and hundreds of pictures and videos.
Most secure smartphone
The rear camera on the Gionee M6 is a single 13 MP shooter with dual LED flash.You might think this is a small camera and it won’t produce quality pictures.I assure you you’re absolutely wrong. The 13 MP camera actually shoots very descent images. The high Resolution AMOLED display just makes the colors so beautiful and vivid.The camera is however not really good at night shots and i found the pictures very poorly lit even with the LED flash on.
At the front, the phone sports a single 8 MP camera.The pictures on this camera are also quite descent.They are not perfect, but you can live with it.I took a few pictures and the pictures were not that detailed are lacked color balance when in the sun.
The phone packs a huge 5000 mAh non-removable battery with the standard 10 w fast charging capability.It has has the reverse charging feature which i found very cool and helpful.Battery life is no problem when using this device. It easily lasted me a whole day after some heavy gaming and photography sessions.
Most secure smartphone
The main selling point of the device is it’s security. I even decided to set aside a whole section for it just to show you how serious it is. The phone comes with a fingerprint sensor which is located at the front for easier accessibility.
The Gionee M6 is the first mass produced phone in the world to have a 128-bit hardware encryption chip.The chip carries self-operating system that generates random cryptographic keys via a True Random Number Generator.The phone’s hardware encryption is irreversible and it also prevents brute force password attacks.
The phone also comes with the private security 2.0 which another security feature which keeps all your videos,call records,apps,pictures and SMS secure.This is a lot of security on a smartphone but it doesn’t end there.This app also has the ‘anti-location tracking’ feature which is actually really cool.
When it comes to mobile security, the Gionee M6 is no joke.It has a ton of features which keeps your information very secure. However considering it’s a old phone running on android 6.0, maybe hackers may have already found a way around the of encryption. I’m not saying they have, i’m just saying the hardware and software maybe a little too old.
For the camera fans, the selfie camera is not any good but it will meet your day to day requirement. Apart from the from the camera’s everything is perfect on the Gionee M6. The price tag is however ridiculously high considering the features that it offers.

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