What you should Really Consider Before Buying That New Smartphone.

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These days,there are thousands of phones in the market with brands trying their level best to capture their consumers with new devices every month.On the other hand,their consumers may get drowned in the confusion of choosing from the multiple devices in the market.
Everyone has their own taste when it comes to owning a smartphone. Some will be looking for sleek and classy design and will most likely go for a Samsung or an Iphone if their pockets allow them to attain their wishes. For others who may not afford to go for such expensive brands may go for a Tecno, Infinix, Oppo, or a Redmi Note, which have become some of the most popular brands in most parts of Africa.These are just a few of the brands which are not that expensive but still provide a good and compact phone which can meet our day to day requirements of a phone.
So what should you look for when shopping for a new smartphone.The following list shows some of the specifications you should look out for when purchasing a new smartphone:
I’ve been in a situation where i’m sitting in a public vehicle or a ‘matatu’ as we call them in Kenya, and seen a person struggle to find a his/her power bank before the phone shuts down. To be honest its quite hilarious but then i think why would the person just buy a phone with a bigger battery rather than struggle carrying a power bank all day.
First of all when buying a phone, you should buy it according to which purpose you intend to use it for.If your phone is for just simple calls and texting you can go for about a 3500 mAh. That will surely last you for a whole day.If you’re going to use your phone for gaming like i do, you should go for a phone shipping with a at least 4000 mAh – 5000 mAh. This will make sure that you get full service of your device without dragging power banks around all day.
2.Screen Resolution
This element is always overlooked by many people who own smartphones but it is very important when it comes to how clear screen will look either under the sun or in the dark. Screen resolution is measured in ppi(Pixel Per Inch). The higher the ppi your smartphone’s display has, the more clear it will be. For example, a Samsung galaxy s10 has a display with 550 ppi whereas a galaxy note 5 has a display of 518 ppi. I know the comparison is not fair because of the difference in the time of release of the devices but my point is the smartphone with the 550 ppi will be much clearer that the one with the 518 ppi.
For another example, i use an Infinix Note 4 with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. An Infinix note 5 has a resolution of 2160 x 1080. For this example the note 5 will have a much clearer screen than the Note 4.
Therefore when shopping for that new smartphone online or in phone dealer you might wanna check for the screen resolution.It will determine how clear your screen will be either in the sun or in the dark.
I’m sure everyone knows that the more ram you have on your phone, the less likely it is to hang when performing tasks.If this is not common knowledge then you’re here to learn.
Again when purchasing a phone you should for an amount of R.A.M that will suit your needs properly. For gamer’s you should go for a phone with at least 2 GB. 2 GB is not that much but it will run almost any game in play store, including everyone’s favorite Dream League. Also for those whose use their phones for simple calls and texting, i think 2 GB of R.A.M should be the minimum.
Let’s conclude that 2 GB is the minimum amount you should go for in order to achieve smooth running of your device. But this all depends on the amount of cash you’re willing to use. If your budget allows you to go for a 6 GB R.A.M device, then go for it by all means.
4.Internal Storage
Nowadays most smartphones come with a 16 GB of internal storage. To be honest this is not enough for most of us. Nowadays people take lots of pictures and install lots of apps which take up lots of spaces. I myself disappointingly use an Infinix Note 4 with an internal storage of 16 GB. Honestly this is not enough for me. I have to clear space and uninstall apps which i would have wanted to use just to create some space to store some pictures that i was taking. This can quite annoying.
To avoid this nuisance you should at least go for a phone with at least 32 GB of internal storage. I’m sure this will be enough for your day to day use and can store lots of apps and pictures before it is full,and if it is still not enough you can use a memory card which to expand your storage.
5.Network Connectivity
Most people if not everyone use social media to communicate with their families and friends everyday. For students like me you might need to google about an assignment or do some research. To do this you need internet connectivity. We all know that using a phone with a 2 G network is quite frustrating. 3G is better than 2 G but it is also not that fast. Therefore i think everyone should go for a phone with a 4G connectivity. 4G has very high speeds.
Purchasing a phone with 4G connectivity will make sure that you’re get to stream YouTube without buffer of view those pictures on Facebook and Instagram smoothly without waiting or buffering.
To summarize you should go for a device with the following specifications;
1. At least a 3500 mAh battery for normal users and a 4000 mAh and above for a gamer.
2. At least a device with a screen resolution of 1600 x 720.
3. At least 2 GB of R.A.M.
4. At least 32 GB of internal storage.
5.A device with a 3G or even better a 4G network connectivity.

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