KATIM Phone Review and Prices: The Most Secure Smartphone In The World.

Katim Phone - Most Secure smartphone in the world
I’m sure you’ve heard rumors that android smartphones are not secure at all just because they are easily customized or rooted. This is actually not true. Your phone’s security depends on the OS it’s running and the kind of stuff you install on it.
However, the security of our mobile phones is becoming a priority due to the rise in the cases of cybercrime and stolen data. That’s where the KATIM phone by DarkMatter comes in. The sports a 5-inch display equipped with Gorilla tempered glass to prevent scratches.
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The phone is said to be unhackable. To be honest, I don’t really believe that it’s impossible to hack it. Someone somewhere in this world can hack it if given the right tools. I’m not encouraging hacking as it is highly illegal but I’m just trying to say that nothing is completely hack proof.
The KATIM phone however has some really insane features which make it extremely hard for anyone to hack it. I made a list of a few things that the phone does to make it extremely secure:
1. The entire software store is investigated by KATIM at the time of startup via bootloader to detect system changes. If the confirmation fails, the startup is instantly canceled.
2. During operation, KATIM will continuously monitor the integrity of the system.
3. If in any case, there is a security attack threatening to replace the built-in system mechanism, all the data is instantly erased by an available process.
I know it sounds impressive but it doesn’t end there.
The phone has a shield mode. This detects and protects the device from being tampered with. It also blocks the recording functions of the phone by physically disconnecting the power to the microphone and camera. It also encrypts data while on vacation when you’re traveling.
All these features are meant to secure your devices. I think the feature where the phone deletes all the data on your phone can sometimes work against you. Like when you install a malicious app on your phone without knowing, you do that on the KATIM and everything goes down the drain.
I think this phone is not for the normal smartphone user at all. The display is really small and the phone costs over $800.I don’t think this phone would work for me. I really don’t have anything that a hacker would really go through all that trouble just to get it.
This phone is probably meant for the billionaires with dark secrets or for the king’s and queens of Dubai with gold to protect. Not for the normal smartphone user.

However, to make sure you keep your data safe without having to spend hundreds of dollars buying a smartphone, you can just install an antivirus on your phone and make sure to get your apps from trusted sources. For android, it’s google play store and for the iPhone, user’s it the App store. It’s not like they have any other choice anyway.

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