10 Tips To Improve Your Mobile Photography Skills.

how to improve phone camera

The smartphone industry is continuously launching devices with huge camera capabilities to capture your moments perfectly. The only problem is that most people think that the quality of the depends on the camera only. Yes, it depends on the capability of your camera but the person behind the camera matters most.His/her skills might be the difference between a perfectly captured moment or that blurry disappointing picture in your gallery. Here are some tips to help you improve your phone photography skills.
1.Clean Your Lens
This is quite obvious but most people just get their phone out of their pockets and start taking pictures. This obviously results to poor pictures since the camera lens is covered in dust. The first step before taking any picture with your smartphone should be wiping the camera lens with a soft cloth.It might even be your t-shirt.This is the first step to capturing crystal clear pictures.
2.Use Gridlines
Using gridlines will help you to balance your photo. The gridlines will also help you to apply the rule of third’s which is very useful in photography. I will explain the rule of third’s later in the article as it’s own point.
3.Use Camera Focus
Almost very smartphone has auto-focus nowadays but the only problem is the camera might not focus on the object you want. Setting the focus on your object help’s to take sharper pictures hence the picture will be more detailed and much more attractive to the eye.
4.Light Your Subject
Photography is all about playing with light. The better lit your subject is, the clearer your image is likely to be.If possible shoot outside or make sure the lights are turned on the room if you decide to shoot inside. If you’re going to turn on the lights in a room, you might need to play around with the white balance since artificial light impacts the color cast.
5. Don’t Zoom
Zooming is not recommended when taking pictures since it makes your pictures look grainy, blurry or pixelated. Instead try to get close to the subject so as not to compromise the clarity of your photographs. Unless you’re using the Huawei P30 Pro for which i would advice to avoid zooming.
6. Apply The Rule Of Thirds.
The rule of thirds is a basic principle that helps you to compose interesting and balanced shots. It involves dividing your image using a series of horizontal and vertical lines. If you place your subject at the top, bottom, left or right area, then it will make a good composition. The middle area is not the best to place your object. This is where the gridlines come in handy. Don’t worry, the gridlines wont appear in your final photograph.
7. Look For Symmetry
Symmetry is a vague sense of harmonious and beautiful proportions and balance. In photography, symmetry means taking a picture that can be divided into equal parts that are mirror images of each other. Pictures that contain symmetry are incredibly pleasing to the eye.
8. Make Use Of Reflections.
Reflections can ruin the photography but if captured at the right angles, they can produce very beautiful pictures. Next time you want to take a photograph, try and play around with the reflections. You might end up capturing a perfect moment. There are plenty of places to find reflections like on water poodles, sunglasses, drinking glasses, and mirrors.
9. Change Your Perspective
Changing your angles and your perspective not only gets you a better shot, but it also shows how you see your subject. Try to capture from a high vantage point, sides, from below, and any other angles apart from dead center.
Taking your smartphone photos is just the first step to make them compelling. Don’t be afraid to edit. Filters can come in handy when it comes to removing blemishes in photographs. Apps like Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Snapseed and VSCO are some editing apps you can easily find on play store.

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